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Re: Installing Squeeze on an Ultra 5

On Fri, 9 Dec 2011, Patrick Baggett wrote:

I installed squeeze on an Ultra 10. My disks run on a SCSI controller PCI card, but the CD-ROM was still IDE. I didn't have any I/O errors with that...but then again, the
amount of I/O might have been insignificant compared to a full IDE disk-based system (did a net install after booting from the CD)...are the IDE errors only for the HDD or
for both CD and HDD?

I was trying to install my root partition on LVM on an md-raid (level 1) array. Perhaps these added layers contributed to the problem (particularly the raid). I was using ext4 and the errors I got were about deleted inodes. On the Gentoo install, the ramdisk was able to mount the root partition, but when I tried to read files from it there would be an I/O error.

Unfortunately, I don't have better debugging information. I'll take suggestions on how to obtain it :)


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