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Re: gcc-4.6 as the default compiler on sparc

Aurelien Jarno <aurel32@debian.org> writes:

> Hi all,
> Given nobody answered to the mail from Matthias Klose, the default gcc
> on sparc is still the version 4.4, while 4.6 is the default on most
> other architectures.
> I haven't noticed any issues with gcc 4.6 on sparc (for example eglibc
> builds fine, without testsuite regression), and a lot of generic
> regressions from version 4.6.0 (like memory consumption) have been
> fixed in 4.6.1.
> I therefore propose to switch the default compiler on sparc to 4.6. Any
> comments or opinion? If everybody agree, I'll open a bug about that.

Sounds good to me -- libidn doesn't build on sparc due to a bug in gcj
which was fixed for 4.6.x, and libidn is stuck in unstable.  It would be
great if this build could be re-tried with gcc 4.6.x.



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