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Re: virtualization on Sparc architecture?

On Fri, 2011-05-27 at 09:32 -0500, mmejiav wrote:
> hi
> I have a Sun Blade 100 with Solaris 10.
> Does Debian for Sparc architecture have a tool for making
> virtualization on this? Something like openvz… I search information
> about this topic on google but I didn’t find anything
> Thanks in advance

Linux VServer ( http://linux-vserver.org/ ) has been ported to SPARC and
is an "OS level virtualisation" system similar in concept to OpenVZ.  I
ran a system that used it for several years with few problems.  At one
point Debian shipped VServer enabled kernels for SPARC.

Alternatively you may be able to use the cgroup tools to set up
something similar using stock kernels.


 - Martin

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