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ubuntu(based debian) on ultra 5

i have tested all ubuntu LTS on my ultra 5 (512 mo ram, hdd 40go, 400Mhz, ati video chipset).

distributions :
6.06 >> work with gnome but it's older distribution !
8.04 >> blue screen halted at finished install ! doesnt reboot !
9.04 >> don't detect cdrom // i try modprobe ide-scsi but no mudule found !
9.10 >> fast data access mmu miss...... (error silo)
10.04 >> fast data access mmu miss....(error silo)
9.04>> don't detect cdrom //
i try :
modprobe ide-scsi but no module found !
i don't have reader floppy and not USB devices !
how can i found the drivers and install it, i tried to swap cdrom 8.04 drivers but it's impossible.

with ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04 i have this error :
>> fast data access mmu miss
how can i bypass this bug ? can i update openboot, i have version 3.19 ?
my version of openboot is 3.19, can i do update for a lasted distributions ?

i tried to update 6.06 to 8.04, but there a lot of errors !
i cannot install ubuntu-destop !

i don't know do it now ??

best regards

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