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Re: errors silo

On 2010-05-31, Jurij Smakov wrote:

> Last time I tried to install from a daily built squeeze image, I ran 
> into http://bugs.debian.org/579948, which prevented me from doing 
> meaningful partitioning.

I guess I was just lucky with the image I downloaded at the end 
of March. However, using the daily build of 31 May, I also ran 
into this partitioner bug, although I managed to work around it 
by loading the fdisk-udeb module and creating the partitions 
from the 2nd console with fdisk. It wasn't quite what I wanted,
but I was able to continue with the installation.

Two other issues: First, the internal IDE cd-rom drive in the 
ultra 5 (secondary master) was not detected from inside the 
installer, so I installed from an external scsi cd-rom.

Second, to get silo to boot I had to change root= in silo.conf
from /dev/sdb2 (I also have a scsi drive sda) to /dev/hda2

Given these issues, it might be easier to install lenny, then
upgrade Xorg or whatever without using the squeeze installer,
which was my second suggestion to philo.


Howard E.

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