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Re: Debian-Sparc on a Sun Ultra10

On 2010-03-31, M. S wrote:

> i have a Sun Ultra 10, 440mhz UltraSparc IIi CPU + 1gb Ram + 60gb IDE-HDD.
> After the Install via Netboot, i type boot disk, and i became this Error:
> "
> Booting with command: boot disk
> Boot device: disk
> Fast Data Access MMU MISS
> ok
> "
> Solaris 10 works fine, i think the Hardware is okay, but i dont know how i
> can start Debiansparc.
> What i have to do to start Debian-Sparc.

Is that a cold boot to Debian-sparc or a warm reboot after running
Solaris 10?

Debian-sparc boots fine on my Ultra 5 and 10, but that's all I have
on them and it has been quite a while since installed it.

I have both Debian-sparc and Solaris 10 on an Ultra 60 and get a
"Memory Address not Aligned" error if I try to reboot to Debian after
running Solaris. It boots fine if I power-off and boot cold.


Howard E.

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