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Re: console handover: boot [earlyprom0] --> real [tty0]

i download boot.img but i can to make booting cdrom
can you tell more about it.... please , i see your report bug but can do with boot.img??
i andestand the probleme about silo 32bit or 64bit

i try to install debian on blade 1500 beetwen this week!
i tell you about it .

best regards $

Jurij Smakov a écrit :
On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 01:38:33AM +0100, philo wrote:
philo a écrit :
i try with your sugest site


i have a same error !


console handover: boot [earlyprom0] --> real [tty0]


under ubuntu 10.04 lucid based debian i have this error
ok boot cdrom
silo xxx
Fast Data Access MMU Miss
That may be caused by a known issue with kernel reporting incorrect 
architecture string to silo. I've posted a workaround instructions to
http://bugs.debian.org/570264. Please let me know if it works and 
whether you experience the console handover hang in Ubuntu as well.

Best regards,

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