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Re: Bug#512740: Sparc disk labels broken on LDOM and Parallel installs

On Sunday 14 February 2010, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> 1. dh-di needed for build of partman-base is not pulled in as a
> result of 'apt-get build-dep debian-installer', probably should be?

No: base-installer is a separate source package and thus has its own build 
deps. I just forgot to include a step to install those (but luckily DDs 
are smart enough to figure such minor omissions out by themselves ;-)

> 2. Firmware loading is broken in the mini iso image, error is
> 'mountmedia not found'.

Added now for future builds. Please 'svn up'.

> 3. The installation is still affected by the kernel issue where it
> misreports the architecture and SILO installs the incorrect
> second-stage bootloader as a result.

Correct. The installer still uses 2.6.30 and the bug is related to the 
kernel version that's running when silo is installed. It'll get solved 
when we switch to 2.6.32, which should happen soon after the (delayed) D-I 
alpha1 release gets out.

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