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Re: Problem with a SunFire V120 -- Kernel panics when trying to install

On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 8:53 AM, Jurij Smakov <jurij@wooyd.org> wrote:
> It's a bit strange that the messages do not include any information on
> the address where NULL pointer dereference takes place, without it
> it's pretty hard to tell what happens. If you are able to return to
> the PROM 'ok' prompt after these messages, you can try to get a stack
> trace using 'ctrace' and register dump using '.registers' commands. If
> they are reproducible from one crash to another, then we should be
> able to track down the location of the crash using it.

Here's my trace:

ok ctrace
PC: f0057040
Last leaf: jmpl  f0061954    from 54c76c
     0 w  %o0-%o7: (420000 96 f0000000 fffff800dfe8fcb8 38f6
80000000b23c3223 fffc5681 54c76c )

Fast Data Access MMU Miss
ok .registers
        Normal          Alternate       MMU               Vector
0:                 0                0                0                0
1:                 0         fffdc6d0           40fe10 c49f6273ebbefa19
2:                 0         f0000000              3ff           7920c0
3:            7de52e                0 800001fe0200008e           799f70
4:  fffff800dd1cce80                0         fffc2000           400000
5:                18                f 800001fe0200008e                0
6:  fffff800dd244000 fffff800dd244000              3ff           7afbe0
7:                 0             3840             4000 ad726e3c63df26fb
%PC  f0057040 %nPC f0057044
%TBA 420000 %CCR 88 XCC:Nzvc   ICC:Nzvc

The crash for this particular session happened  just after I selected
my locale English->Australia, upon pressing enter I got the dreaded
aiiee! Hope this helps!

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