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Re: Problems with interfaces on Sun Ultra 5

I'm not sure there's enough information on your configuration to
provide good recommendations, but take a look into the
local_mac_address? Open-Boot PROM setting and see if that helps.  When
set "true" it allows each interface to have a different MAC address,
rather than the "system" MAC address.


2010/2/2 Vladimir R <vlary@mail.ru>:
> Hello all,
> after install Lenny on  Sun Ultra 5,
> I succesfully setup network on first interface, eth0,
> with local network address, and it works well.
> Then I want to setup eth1 to external addresses,
> but found, that I have no eth1, but have eth1_rename,
> with same MAC address as eth0.
> I want to have eth1 interface with diffrent MAC.
> I saw posts in this list with exact problem,
> but no solution was given.
> I tried to modify /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules,
>  /etc/network/interfaces, but it does not helped.
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