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Re: Help creating drivers for Tadpole SPARCLE

On Tue, 2009-12-22 at 21:33 +0000, Immolo wrote:
> Brian Szymanski wrote:
> > If I were you I'd OpenBSD a shot - it has pretty good sparc support, 
> > and if the installer detects the keyboard, you've got some 
> > documentation (in the form of a driver) that you can look at. A few 
> > years back I had a similar machine (tadpole sparc laptop, don't 
> > remember which variety tho) which linux and NetBSD failed to 
> > understand keypresses from, but OpenBSD did just fine.
> >
> > Good luck...
> Thanks OpenBSD does work with the keyboard but is there away to use this 
> so I can get the keyboard to work in Linux?

You would likely have to re-write the driver for Linux.  A direct port
may not be possible due to BSD/GPL licencing issues.  Start by reading
the source of the driver and brushing up on Linux kernel development.

 - Martin

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