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Re: Mysql 4GB mem limit and SPARC64

On Fri, 2009-07-31 at 09:35 +0200, Davide Ferrari wrote:
> Hi
> I've installed Debian SPARC64 port on a Sunfire T5220 (so, a Niagara2) with 
> 32GB of RAM but unfortunately mysql is, as every userland program in Debain 
> SPARC64, a 32bit application.
> This is a great limitation cause you cannot make mysql use more than 4GB of 
> RAM and with really big InnoDB tablespace this is a real PITA cause you cannot 
> get all the queries cached in RAM and performances drop, so we're just wasting 
> RAM cause this should be a mysql box.
> Any idea on how to solve this?
Install 64 bit versions of the database and any necessary libraries.
Some may be packaged in Debian (there is a 64 bit libc package for
example), the rest you will have ot build from source.

>  Does recompiling work?
Should do.  If DB hasn't been built / run on a 64 bit platform before
you could run into issues but if it's reasonably standards compliant and
coded in a sensible way it shouldn't be a big deal.

>  Even gcc is a 32bit 
> application so I'm not pretty sure.
You might want to look at -m64 and the SPARC options:


Given the strong similarities between 32 and 64 bit SPARC architectures
and the tendancy for people to run mixed systems it makes sense to have
GCC able to generate both.


 - Martin

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