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Re: Tadpole Display Settings

I managed to get around the video issue by using the boot option "video=atyfb:off" which allowed Debian to use the Open boot Prompt for it's display and have now managed to get Debian installed.

As for updating the OpenBoot on Tadpole laptops there is a guide and some files for your sparcbook at ftp.tadpole.com.

Hope this helps


Martin wrote:
On Wed, 2009-07-22 at 09:42 -0700, Joseph Simantov wrote:
When trying to boot Debian (both 4 and 5), it doesn't go beyond the OpenBoot.
I tried Aurora / Corona / Fedora, and the display jams up when the first box is supposed to be displayed ("Media test")

BTW, being aware this is not the right mailing list, would you by any chance know how I can update the OpenBoot using the Tadpole upgrade patch? (you can reply offline)

You may have more luck asking the Sun Rescue list:


if it is a general hardware question.

The general proceedure is normally either from Solaris using the
provided tools or netbooting the firmware updater as you'd netboot a
kernel.  Your best bet is to check the documentation that comes with it.


 - Matin

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