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Re: Tadpole Display Settings

On Wed, 2009-07-22 at 09:42 -0700, Joseph Simantov wrote:
> When trying to boot Debian (both 4 and 5), it doesn't go beyond the OpenBoot. 
> I tried Aurora / Corona / Fedora, and the display jams up when the first box is supposed to be displayed ("Media test")
> BTW, being aware this is not the right mailing list, would you by any chance know how I can update the OpenBoot using the Tadpole upgrade patch? (you can reply offline)

You may have more luck asking the Sun Rescue list:


if it is a general hardware question.

The general proceedure is normally either from Solaris using the
provided tools or netbooting the firmware updater as you'd netboot a
kernel.  Your best bet is to check the documentation that comes with it.


 - Matin

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