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Re: default gfortran in debian

Matthias Klose schrieb:
> Kamaraju S Kusumanchi schrieb:
>> [I posted this on debian-gcc before. I have not gotten any reply there. So I
>> am trying my luck here]
>> Currently the default gfortran in Debian Sid points to 4:4.3.3-9 . The
>> gfortran-4.4 is already available, quite stable. Is there any reason why
>> gfortran 4.4 not the default?
>> The reason is that the gfortran's upstream does not backport the patches to
>> older versions. They only fix bugs in the latest versions (for ex:-
>> http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/fortran/2009-06/msg00116.html ) So, it is always
>> better to have the default gfortran point to the latest released version.
>> Is there anyway I can possibly help to make this transition?
> see http://lists.debian.org/debian-gcc/2009/04/msg00041.html

plus a lot of regressions in the 64bit compilers. See the attached build log.

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