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Re: Debian on a Sparcstation 2

Chris Andrew a écrit :
I don't have the URL to hand, but support for sparc (32-bit) was dropped with Lenny. In practice the best I managed was Sarge on an SS20, with multiple problems with Etch, even if I installed Sarge then did a dist-upgrade.

Etch worked fine. Sarge doesn't work due to some bugs in kernel and libc. I have tried to fix these bugs without success. I have obtain good results with lenny and 2.6 kernel (only UP and sparcv8 [SS20] without HyperSPARC because HyperSPARC's MMU supoort is totaly broken.). I have made a 'dist-upgrade' from sarge and from sources. I don't know status of sparc linux kernel (SMP), but I jnow there are two branchs : first from kernel.org, and another for leon processor. I've never tested second one.

For an old SS2 (I have one), or all sun4[cdm] stations, you have to use NetBSD 4.0.1 (or 5.0 in UP). Even Solaris 9 isn't stable on a SS20 with more than two processors. SS2 can run Solaris 7 too (if I remember).



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