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Re: Debian on Sun box any advantage?

Hi everyone,

I'm webhosting for a bunch of customers and have Sun machines
since 1990.

I streamlined my hardware and OS zoo a while ago and end up now
with 5 Sun Ultra-2 with 2 x 300 MHz UltraSPARCS and 2 GB RAM each
and running debian 2.6.18-6-sparc64-smp. Harddisks are 36 GB
Seagates in RAID-1.

These machines serve about 60 websites and hundreds of users
easily and successfully. You set them up and forget...
Some show uptimes of > 500 days now; it would be more, had I
not hardware upgraded them.

All my management is done from my local PC via PuTTY Connection

Compared to a Windows 2003 Server system I tested a while ago,
I would guess the admin time of my SPARC systems is less than
10% of the time I had to spend on the Windows OS.

So why not make use of these extremely reliable Sun H/W with
an even reliable OS debian?  :-)

Hope this will help some interested people over here,


Joseph Simantov schrieb:
Hi everyone,

I have been following this interesting exchange, and I believe we must, first, agree on what are we finally trying to achieve. Is our concern to manage by all means to make a clean Debian installation on SPARCs, or are we expecting to be able to put this combination to do something useful for the average user.
I believe we'll all agree that when it comes to reliability, SPARCs have a long established reputation. You just have to boot once a SPARC server and then you practically forget its existence...

The main problems appear when SPARCs must, for some reason, be used as workstations with Debian.

Although a succesful installation on an older machine can be a rewarding experience, we have to face reality and be aware that in the current industrial context, people are not interested to know how complex and difficult an installation was; all they want to know is if working on an older machine will help them do their job fast, or more reliably.

Besides, at the current price level of new PCs, money-saving by keeping older machines is becoming irrelevant; it's mostly a question of principle, of not throwing away machines just because they happen not to be last-generation...

I personnally find the Xorg issues with U5/U10 and Blades quite frustrating; could somebody among those who have managed to succesfully install (and work...) with a Blade100+/Debian, spend some time in writing a summary describing the procedure he followed? I'm sure all of us would highly appreciate such a contribution...

And, in order not to appear grumpy, yes, I do believe in using Debian/Sparc!!



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Am 2008-10-22 13:18:26, schrieb John Bevins:
Hello Everyone,

I don't know much about Sun boxes. What advantage, if any, is there to running Debian on a Sun box as opposed to a brand name x86 server?


I use three Sun Blade with 32 CPU's and 64 GByte of memory with now  160
hardrives attached as PostgreSQL server and it is faster then the hell.

Also I have Sun Storage Servers with plenty of drives.

They have never failed and since Sun has offered me Solaris OR  Linux  I
with the same support I have choosen Linux...

There is not a singel thing, which is NOT working, including Hotswaping
of CPU's or memory...

OK, this are not computers for the pocket and cost money, but the SPARC
CPU's run more reliable as Intel (Itanium) or AMD (Opteron) CPU's.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack
    24V Electronic Engineer
    Tamay Dogan Network
    Debian GNU/Linux Consultant

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