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Re: XVR-500 support in Lenny

(I'm sorry for multiple posting, I did not expect such high latency)

Ah, please forget the question #2. Too late I realized I confused Elite3D and Expert3D
cards. But the question #1 remains. Could anybody answer it?


Hello all,
2 questions regarding XVR-500 graphics card (in Sun Blade 2500):

1) looking into linux-image-2.6.26-1-sparc64 package (sid) I don't see kernel modules for sunxvr500 nor sunxvr2500. Are they compiled-in into the linux image or missing?

2) Have anyone succeeded to get XVR-500 to work with Xorg? I've gone through all the steps mentioned on XorgOnSparc wiki page (lspci shows 3Dlabs Sun XVR-500 graphics accelerator, xserver-xorg-video-sunffb is installed, microcode firmware loaded, sunffb in Xorg driver section is set), but Xorg still complains "No devices detected".

Please, help.


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