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Re: Debian on SunFire 280R and StorEdge T3

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 10:29:38AM +0200, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> > Fire 280R comes with a CD drive, so you can install it just fine with it.
> > There were however bugs in the etch installation that prevented normal
> > use of disks on the fibre-channel controller, but there are documented
> > workarounds.
> Since two years I am testing the Debian mips port on an SGI O2. I am not a
> kernel developer but I have enough spare time to test new software amd
> write reports. I wonder if there is any testing needs on the lenny d-i on
> such architecture.

Try the newest installer, definitely, see if you can install it on
the machine's SCSI disks behind the QLogic controller (qla2xxx).

> I am unsure about the overall support for this architecture. Do I remember
> wronlgy or is sparc currently unsupported?

It's sparc32 that doesn't have proper support - UltraSPARC processors such
as the one in your machine are sparc64 and they're supported pretty well.

> > No idea about the T3, but the 3310s that I've seen just plug into SCSI
> > (the internal controller usually has external slots) and show up as LUNs.
> > The configuration is done with either Solaris utilities or over the serial
> > or network console.
> I suppose 3310 is an LVD based storage, since SF280R only have LVD
> connector on the rear side, while T3 need a FC connection that is provided
> by a PCI card. I have to check what card is plugged into the machine.

It could be effectively the same thing, though?

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