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Re: Debian on SunFire 280R and StorEdge T3

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 12:15:17AM +0200, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> I could probably receive such hardware for a few months, so I am
> wondering if it is supported by Debian. Browsing the web I found that
> Sarge could be installed bia network (tftp), but I found no information
> about sarge or lenny on the same hardware.

Fire 280R comes with a CD drive, so you can install it just fine with it.
There were however bugs in the etch installation that prevented normal
use of disks on the fibre-channel controller, but there are documented

> About the StorEdge I suppose its support depend on the controller used.
> Is there any list of such working controllers?

No idea about the T3, but the 3310s that I've seen just plug into SCSI
(the internal controller usually has external slots) and show up as LUNs.
The configuration is done with either Solaris utilities or over the serial
or network console.

> I know this machine have two UltraSparc III @ 750Mhz and 1Gb of RAM. Do
> you have any idea about what can it be compared to? A dual pentiumIII @
> 1,4Ghz?

That's pretty hard to say...

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