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Re: qlogic fibre disks lenny sun blade 1000

Rudy Gevaert wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
>> Daily built images of the installer for Lenny now include support for
>> installing firmware. It would be great if you could test that.
> Ok, I tried with one of those images and indeed it asks for external
> media.
> Unfortunate I can't find any documentation on how I need to layout the
> external media.

Yep, documentation is an issue here. I just got a chance to test the new 
functionality with a new laptop, so here's how it worked for me :-)

There is a tarball with firmware available at [1]. Just untar that onto 
either a floppy or a USB key, either in the root dir or a subdir 
called /firmware.

After that it just worked for me for my wireless.


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