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Re: qlogic fibre disks lenny sun blade 1000

Rudy Gevaert wrote:
> I'm having problems installing Lenny (also Etch) on a sun blade 1000.
> During installation the disks are not recognized.
> This is know problem as the firmware is in non-free.

Daily built images of the installer for Lenny now include support for 
installing firmware. It would be great if you could test that.

> For the installation I fix this by doing:
> udpkg -i firmware-qlogic-di_0.4+etchnhalf.1_all.udeb
> modprobe -r qla2xxx
> modprobe qla2xxx
> After the installation, but before reboot, I chroot into the new system.
> And do the same.  Meaning installing the firmware-qlogic package from
> non-free.

Sounds like you forgot to update the initramfs initrd after installing the 
firmware so that it also includes the firmware files.


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