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Debian Installer support for Sparc (was: Sun Enterprise 3500 - FC)

Giorgio Davanzo wrote:
> we're stuck with the FC disk problem. We've found the alleged solution
> to the problem, but it's not working:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-sparc@lists.debian.org/msg20888.html
> Someone suggested using microcode from SUN firmware (?)
> Did anyone ever solved the problem? If yes, could you give us a hint?

From that thread it seems the main issue was missing drivers. This should 
been fixed since the Lenny Beta1 release of the installer [1]:

If there are remaining issues, please file an installation report (see [1] 
again). However, it is very likely that you'll not only need to describe 
the problem, but also the way to fix it.

What is really missing is someone giving some love and care to the Debian 
Installer for sparc: we have not had any real sparc porting work done on 
the installer for ages.

I do take basic care of it, but that really only extends to what needs 
doing to keep the installer working on my Ultra10.
If people want support for top-of-the-line (or even just more recent) 
hardware, somebody will have to step up and get involved!
Contact the debian-boot list if you're interested.

Frans Pop
(member of D-I team)

[1] Current versions of the installer are available from:

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