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Erlang on UltraSparc III (again)


It looks like Erlang still routinely fails to build on lebrun buildd
(sparc architecture, dual UltraSparc III). Though the were some
changes because instead of bus error
it reported internal compiler error
The code compiled was the same, the toolchain versions were the same
too, so I suppose the change was caused by kernel upgrade.

Also, Mikael Pettersson (an Erlang developer) said that Erlang is
successfully built and working on Solaris@UltraSparc III.

This almost convinced me that it's not a bug in Erlang but a bug in
Linux kernel on UltraSparc III (maybe it's SMP-related).

I don't have an access to USIII hardware to confirm this hypothesis.
USII works fine (sperger runs USII, I tried to build erlang there. It

If it's really a bug in kernel than I'd like to move erlang package
and all package which build-depend on erlang to build at spontini on
sparc architecture.

Anyway, I need help to confirm (or reject) that it isn't an Erlang bug
and to decide what to do with Erlang packaging on sparc architecture.
It's very inconvenient to upload new versions to unstable knowing that
they will never go to testing.

Sergei Golovan

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