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Re: [Ann] SparcV8 depot

Ludovic Courtès wrote:

BERTRAND Joël <joel.bertrand@systella.fr> writes:

	If you try HyperSPARC, please test without and with SMP.

Do you expect it to work at all, even UP?  :-)

I'm asking because it used to be considered a lost cause but I did not
follow development recently.

Last time I have tried (and if I remember ;-) ), I have tested with 4*RT626. Kernel boots but randomly hangs due to a bug in cache aliasing (I think). I don't remember if I have tried in UP configuration. I think we have to try (and maybe to fix) last kernel because there is no modern OS that runs on SS20/SMP/HyperSPARC : - NetBSD 3.1 and 4.0 randomly crash with NMI error (and it's not an hardware trouble because all my SS20/SMP/HyperSPARC crash with the same error). It only supports SX fb in native resolution (not r1280x1024x66m); - Solaris9 can not be used because it is impossible to run smpatch without add sparcV8+ binaries (!), thus you have to keep a Solaris9 out of the box... And I never obtain a stable SS20 with more than two HyperSPARC's (with 3 or 4 RT626, I obtain the same NMI error than with NetBSD...); - Linux 2.2 is usable (but old). In SMP configuration, 2.4 is not stable before 2.4.18 and randomly crashes with "Watchdog error" after 2.4.24.

If I have time to reinstall my Raid1 on one of my SS20, I shall try to run on HyperSPARC this afternoon.


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