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boot-net installation on blade 1000

Hi all.
In previous days I wrote to have hints to solve a problem on my blade
1000. I had  no hints so I try again (sure it's the last time) :)
When one try to install by boot-net on a blade 1000, the installation
doesn't recognize the qlogic card, this is because the firmware is not free and
debian doesn't put it in the installation system. It's necessary to stop
installation and, by wget, download firmware-qlogic.
After downloaded the firmware I don't know how to use it: I think it's
necessary to install it but how? What is the correct istruction to do
this? On "release note" I read that it's necessary to use udpkg, but:
udpkg -i firmware-qlogic
apparently doesn't work.
Where can I find he correct version of firmware-qlogic?
http://packages. debian.org/firmware-qlogic ?
After installation of firmaware-qlogic I think it's possible to go on, but how is it possible to go on? I read the release note of system installation but it seems not so clear on this point.
I thanks you again

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