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pl2303 & multi IO cards

Hello all!
I LOVE the sparc port.  I've got an ultra 5 being used as a console server. 
Aside from the kernel panic when a client machine powers down while in session
the whole thing works great.

I just recently picked up two new devices:

USB->Serial adapter.  It uses the pl2303 module.  Would it be possible to
include this as a module for the standard kernel?  I had to build my own
kernel using debian source and got it to work with no issue.

Multi serial port PCI card: Netmos 9710:9835.  According to my research it
should show up in the kernel config as a parallel multi-io card
(parport_serial).  However I can't see it in the kernel config for the 2.6.18

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

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