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Re: Sparc32 systems and power consumption

Ludovic Courtès a écrit :
> Hi,
> "Bruce O'Neel" <linux@pckswarms.ch> writes:
>> With the note that this is getting quite far from debian-sparc's purpose in
>> life :-)  maybe after this note the conversation should move to the netbsd
>> sparc or openbsd sparc lists.
> Maybe it's time to somehow re-spawn Debian GNU/kNetBSD since NetBSD is
> apparently paying more attention to avoiding regressions than Linux
> (that's a euphemism---but I don't want this to sound too harsh, though,
> being myself a humble luser).

We have difficulties to find one or two Linux kernel developers to
support the sparc32 port.

Do you think it will be easier to find 10 or more developers to do the
GNU/kNetBSD sparc port?

Reality check please!

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