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Re: Sparc32 systems and power consumption


"Bruce O'Neel" <linux@pckswarms.ch> writes:

> As a result I've done some power measurements on them in order to find the lowest 
> power system that will do what I need.


> SS20/Dual 100 hypersparc    75watts
> SS20/180 Hypersparc         77watts
> SS20/Dual 55 hypersparc     80watts


> SS20/133 hypersparc         85watts
> SS20/200 hypersparc         90watts
> SS20/Dual 90 hypersparc     90watts
> SS20/Dual 142 hypersparc   115watts

These are all ROSS RT62[56] modules, right?

Can you tell us which version of NetBSD successfully runs with these
configurations, especially the SMP ones?  Does the latest NetBSD support
some of these configurations?

I vaguely remember reading reports saying that roughly no current OS
(including Solaris) is able to handle them correctly, especially in SMP
mode, so that would be an improvement.


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