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Re: Intention to drop sparc32 support for Lenny

Uwe Hermann wrote:

Well, I just saw three or more sparc32 patches being committed to Linus'
git tree today or yesterday, so that may not be quite correct.

You are missing the point. Those patches were created by enthusiastic
users fixing the problems that they have experienced.

Until someone volunteers to become the official maintainer Sparc32
is effectively dead. An official maintainer is essential as the point of
contact and the person who contantly tests to ensure that changes
elsewhere in the kernel have not caused regressions.

Without an official maintainer who is going to be responsible for
saying that the port is or is not ready for the next kernel release ?.
The Sun4d subset of Sparc32 is an example of cumulative bitrot
over many years which will take a major effort to resolve.

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