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Re: invalid mac address

Karl Goetz wrote:
Karl Goetz wrote:
hi all,

Below is ifcofig and my interfaces file.

PS, is not having lspci expected?

horatius:~/horatius# ifconfig

I got some replies offlist, some asking if i had seated the card
correctly. Yes, i believe i did so. This problem also happened with a
2nd card that i tried (which has been working perfectly happy in my
Alpha Workstation system).

i'm overseas for a month starting next week, so i'll probably try and
follow this up when i return.
thanks all,

IN OBP set local mac address to true. I might have the wrong variable name, I am not near any sparc machine to check this, I do know that your two cards are trying to use the same nac address and that will be because OBP has used the machine's mac for the plugin card.


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