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Re: GCC 4.2 transition

* Aurelien Jarno (aurelien@aurel32.net) [070721 18:51]:
> Andreas Barth a écrit :
> > So, some ideas come to my mind:
> > 1. delay glibc upload until glib transitioned to testing
> > 2. do another upload with shlib bump after glib transitioned to testing,
> > and wait with gcc to that upload.
> > 
> > (there might be better combinations, but none comes currently to my
> > mind)
> We really wants to do an upload of the glibc soon to fix various things.
> What about the following combination:
> 1. Upload glibc without the shlib bump, but with the switch to SPARC V9
> optimizations + check in the preinst script.
That means binaries built against it can still run on sparc v8 hardware,

> 2. Upload glibc with shlib bump when the release team think it is the
> good time to do that.
> 3. Upload gcc with the switch to SPARC V9 optimizations.

That sounds like my 2. to me, so ok with me. Perhaps wait for another
few hours so that another release team member might cluebat me in case I
missed something before doing the upload 1..

> We may repeat the step 1 a few times. Ideally there should be almost now
> difference between the upload in step 1 and in step 2 (except the shlib
> bump) to ensure the version could go very quickly to testing.

That would be great indeed (and BTW, gcc could build-depend on the new
glibc version on sparc to make sure it really depend on that version).
(Weaker alternative would be to just shlib-bump gcc by adding the
dependency information on sparc by hand, but that doesn't prevent newer
binaries to go to testing without glibc, so probably a bad idea.)


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