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New Wikipedia Sparc (32) entry.


I have copied this as widely as I could, although I realise that I may get bounced with the older addresses (Suse-sparc).

I have been reading the messages that are currently circulating regarding the possible demise of sparc (32) Debian.  Whilst I am not in a position to help with coding etc, I do like to use GNU/Linux on 32 bit Sun hardware.  For this reason, I would not like to see support dropped.  Enough has been said about this already, on the debian-sparc list

One thing that did seem to recur on the lists, was the lack of knowledge of other GNU/Linux distros that supported the sparc (32) platform.  In order to address this perceived gap in knowledge, I have created a (bare-bones) page at Wikipedia.  This page is not intended to give information for sparc64, just sparc.  The page will obviously need populating, so if anybody has any ideas, then do what wikis are designed for and feel free to edit it.



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