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Re: Orphan e450

On Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 09:06:27PM +0200, Leopold Palomo Avellaneda wrote:
> There's only one system admin that believe in me and my options in the
> lasts days of my life. He thinks that maybe I could help in the debian
> project. He is not sure about what to do with me, because he has read some
> news about the drop of the 32 bits version and doesn't know know if I'm be
> able to run a 64 bits kernel. I have answered him that I have 4
> UltraSparc-II cpus engines, but he is not sure about it because have
> doubts about sun4u, sun4 ...  whatever.

As an UltraSPARC, you're an sun4u, so there's no need to worry :)

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