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Orphan e450

Dear people,

I'm an orphaned Sun E450 with 4 cpus, 512 of RAM, and some 80GB of harddisk (I 
think). Now I'm in a wardrobe, closed an unplugged of the world. My owner (an 
Institute of a Public University) doesn't know what to do with my because I 
cannot run some flaky SO.

There's only one system admin that believe in me and my options in the lasts 
days of my life. He thinks that maybe I could help in the debian project. He 
is not sure about what to do with me, because he has read some news about the 
drop of the 32 bits version and doesn't know know if I'm be able to run a 64 
bits kernel. I have answered him that I have 4 UltraSparc-II cpus engines, 
but he is not sure about it because have doubts about sun4u, sun4 ... 

So, this afternoon, that I'm alone in the University because all the people 
are in the beach, I have left the wardrove, plug to the net and sent this 
message to the debian-sparc list, where I have listened that are clever 
people I maybe they can help me.

The system admin thinks that he could be able to plug me in somewhere in the 
University and admin me to help anyone of the debian-team to this port. If 
it's possible I'm really impatient, because my cpus have never been over 80% 
of their power and I'm really want to compile, debootstrap and pbuild. I 
don't know by now what is this, but I'm sure that are wonderfull things to 

Now I must leave because the security people will come soon, and I'm in the 
middle of the corridor with some cables plugged to an switch.


Sun E450 server.

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