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Fwd: "File does not appear executable" on SS20.

I'll have a look, but as I say, Solaris was booting fine, on power-up, and nothing has changed.

printenv reads:

"boot-device   disk:a disk"   in the second column it says "disk net"

Does this help?



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Date: 04-Jul-2007 12:42
Subject: Re: "File does not appear executable" on SS20.
To: Chris Andrew <cjhandrew@gmail.com>

You may need to set your OBP for your boot device.

Run <ok>printenv at the boot prom and check which  device is set for boot-device

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Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 09:00:39
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Subject: "File does not appear executable" on SS20.

Hi, all.

I have been trying to install Sarge on a SPARCstation20. The install goes fine, but when I reboot into my new installation, I get the OBP message "File does not appear executable".

BTW, I haven't tried Etch because I haven't got any spare CD's to burn it to.

Can anyone help?



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