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Re: gdm and xorg from testing...

Emanuele Rocca a écrit :
Hi Joël (I'm not sure if your first name is Joël or Bertrand).

	First name is Joël ;-)

* BERTRAND Joël <joel.bertrand@systella.fr>, [2007-07-03 13:17 +0200]:
I suspect all programs that test Xinerama flags will crash.

XineramaIsActive returns TRUE, but XineramaQueryScreens returns a NULL
pointer and a number of screens <= 0, so maybe the bug is in

	Yes I think, because some other X programs crash.

What's your video card? If it's a creator, is there someone with a
different video card which can test if gdm works correctly without

I only have creator3D (UPA like PCI connectors on U60 and U80, and UPA like mbus on U2).



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