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gdm and xorg from testing...


My U2 runs debian testing (up to date). Its framebuffer is a UPA Creator3D. This morning, I have done a apt-get update and a new Xorg and a new gdm have been installed.

	Xorg works fine, but gdm cannot start. I can see in /var/log/syslog :

Jul  2 15:22:08 fermat gdm[7287]: Xinerama active, but <= 0 screens?
Jul 2 15:22:09 fermat gdm[7286]: gdm_child_action : abandon de l'affichage :0

I don't understand this message. I don't use Xinerama. I have tried to add a ServerFlas section in xorg.conf with Option "Xinerama" "false" without any success.

A laptop runs fine with the same versions of Xorg and gdm, thus this bug seems to be sparc specific. I have tested the same configuration with the same bug on an U60 (Creator3D too).

	Any idea ?


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