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Re: gdm and xorg from testing...

Emanuele Rocca a écrit :

* BERTRAND Joël <joel.bertrand@systella.fr>, [2007-07-02 20:09 +0200]:
 	Xorg works fine, but gdm cannot start. I can see in /var/log/syslog :
Jul 2 15:22:08 fermat gdm[7287]: Xinerama active, but <= 0 screens? Jul 2 15:22:09 fermat gdm[7286]: gdm_child_action : abandon de l'affichage :0 I don't understand this message. I don't use Xinerama. I have tried to add a ServerFlas section in xorg.conf with Option "Xinerama" "false" without any success.

It seems that gdm doesn't check the values returned by

libgtk's approach in a similar situation is to assume there's no
Xinerama if the number of monitors returned by XineramaQueryScreen is
<= 0.

Please try the attached patch, works fine here.

Thanks a lot, your patch works fine for me. The main question is now : why this bug only occurs on sparc64 ?



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