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Re: [sun]debian

On Wed, 2007-06-06 at 11:23 +0200, Eric Rapilly wrote:
> I have some questions, may be you wille be able to answer me. I will 
> receive soon a sun ultra 60;
> But there is few memory. I want to know which kind of RAM is installed 
> on the motherboard: is it ECC SDRAM or NVRAM?
SDRAM and NVRAM are very different kinds of memory.  NVRAM is a very
small amount of non volatile (i.e. doesn't get wiped when the system
powers down) memory used to save OpenBoot (like a BIOS but properly
designed and well thought out) settings.  It is completely different and
separate from the system RAM.  Note that the Ultra 60 takes 200-pin Sun
RAM; not PC compatable RAM (owners of Ultra 5's and Ultra 10's claim
mixed success in using PC RAM; like PCI USB cards, it can be made to
work but YMMV).  See:


> What is the video connector : sub -D 15 or 13w3 ?
Depends on what graphics card it has installed.  Could be either.

> where could I find the  latest Debian ETCH for sparc ?
In a similar place to Debian for other architectures:


note that downloading all of the CDs is unlikely to be necessary.  If
you have a reasonably fast net connection, just download the net install
CD and use that.

 - Martin

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