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Re: Installation prompt does not appear during netboot install

On Sunday 13 May 2007 09:43, jim wrote:
> Searching this list for "video=atyfb:off" suggests the advice should
> just mention the symptom is the boot stops after "Booting Linux...".
> Then it is not necessary to mention the hardware, although it seems
> mainly reported for sunblade 100 & 150, but was reported for Ultra 10
> too, and other hardware might be affected but not reported here?
> For sunblade 100 at least I notice this is fixed in 2.6.20  but
> video=atyfb:off is still needed to avoid the red dots (search this list
> for "red dots" ;)

As this is clearly a bug and less a structural issue, I don't feel it is 
appropriate to document it in the installation guide.
I have just added it to the errata for Etch though (should show up after 
next update of the website):


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