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Thank you for the Sun Fire v240 support!


I recently completed a successful installation of Debian Etch 4.0r0 on
my Sun Fire v240 - which went without a hitch over a serial connection..

well, the only sticking point was that the v240 eth0 as labeled on the back
of the machine wasnt the real eth0... it turned out I need to plug in to eth2
to get the Debian version of eth0.. an extremely minor annoyance.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Debian Sparc team for making this
a surprisingly pleasant and easy experience!

On a similar note, we are considering getting a Sun Fire T1000 system. I have read a lot about the press with
Ubuntu/Canonical + Sun - but was wondering if anyone could comment about
those vague "optimizations to Linux" made for the T1000, if they have "made it" in to Etch, and if I should stick with a sun fire V240 or if the T1000 is really going to be a significantly better performing machine (as a web/db server) under debian Etch sparc64 SMP



Matt Weatherford
Computing Core Director
Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology
218H Raitt Hall, Box 353412
University of Washington
Seattle, WA, USA, 98195         206-616-6169

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