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Re: Dropping sparc32 for lenny

On Wednesday 25 April 2007 09:01, BERTRAND Joël wrote:
> 	Thus dropped sparc32 arch will be a big strategic error for Debian.

You and others seem to be missing the point of this discussion and 
proposal. This is not about Debian _wanting_ to drop sparc32, but about a 
total lack of upstream support for sparc32 which _forces_ Debian to drop 

Jurij has made quite clear in his initial message that sparc32 can only be 
kept alive if the people who want sparc32 supported start contributing in 
a major way to kernel and toolchain maintenance.
If nobody volunteers for that, than you can complain as much as you like 
that Debian is making the wrong decision, but it does not change the 
facts: a (sub)architecture that has no volunteers is dead!

And so far in this thread, I've seen nobody volunteering to do any actual 
work to keep sparc32 alive...
You cannot expect the one or two active Debian sparc porters to keep the 
sparc32 alive for you if the rest of the community (inside and outside 
Debian) is unwilling to do their part.


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