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Re: Debian Etch on SunFire V880

Martin skrev:
On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 14:56 -0500, Morgan Walker wrote:
I am at a total loss.

I am trying to install debian etch 3.1r5 netinst .iso on a SunFire 880
w/ OBP version 4.18.2, scsi drives, and 4G of memory via serial
console.  Every time it gets to “Booting Linux…” it appears to hang or
is just throwing the output somewhere else.
Silly question but have you checked whether it's using the serial port
for output?  IIRC some systems, where the OpenBoot console is set to
default to serial port, it will print 'Booting Linux' on the console
(and even run OpenBoot on the console if you use the keyboard to
initiate it) and then output on the serial port.  Perhaps I'm mistaken -
it was a while ago and on a much older system.

 - Martin

I had issues with my v440 until I tried the "daily build" netinstall image found here:
Not sure if that will help in your case, but something to try perhaps ?

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