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Re: 2.6.20 unaligned accesses

* David Miller <davem@davemloft.net>, [2007-02-26 15:16 -0800]:
>  From: Emanuele Rocca <ema@debian.org>

>  > On a Sun Blade 2000 I got this one every time I load eth1394:
>  > Kernel unaligned access at TPC[101880c8] ether1394_reset_priv+0x2c/0xb8 [eth1394]
>  > 
>  > I got rid of the message with the following patch:
>  That is a different bug, and the current 2.6.x tree already has
>  that fix applied so you shouldn't need to apply that patch to
>  the vanilla tree.

Ah, nice. linux-source 2.6.18.dfsg.1-11 (Debian unstable) is affected by
the bug, so maybe we could add the patch?


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