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Re: sparc32 etch status

Robert Reif wrote:

I'm trying to install etch on all my sun4m machines. My first attempt using a netinst CD didn't work because of the esp CD problem. Installing stable and then upgrading didn't work because I couldn't configure apt because of gpg errors. I set up an LX running woody to netboot from and was able to get an ss20 working without problems. However I was unable to get a ss670mp and an ss5 working. The ss670mp wasn't able to download from the internet. I tried the onboard le, an sbus le and an sbus hme with the same results. It just couldn't connect to a server. The ss5 would connect to the server but would hang when probing the esp. I could try installing the driver manually like on stable but that wasn't necessary on the ss20. I'm trying to install on an LX and it connects to the server and probes the drive successfully but requires a low memory install. I also have an ss10 and a Classic X to try.

I'm willing to test software or give more details if it would help.

I managed to get etch installed and working on the ss670mp. I selected manual network setup rather than DHCP and everything went smoothly after that. The DHCP network setup set the IP address to

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