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D-I RC2 - Revisited

Hi all,

As you've probably noticed, what's intended to be the final kernel for 
Etch has been uploaded yesterday.

I'm currently building and uploading the kernel udebs for all arches 
(except arm and m68k for which images are not yet available). I'll also 
upload new loop-aes module udebs for Sparc as those were binNMUed because 
of a silent ABI change for sparc32.

This means we can also have another go at releasing RC2. As this weekend 
is Fosdem and as we have to wait until the kernel is ready to migrate 
anyway, I will start the release process for RC2 early next week.
This will include a last upload of udebs with translation updates and a 
few with minor pending changes.

It also means that this is the last chance to make any (important) changes 
before RC2. If there is anyting that still needs to be done before RC2 
(either general or architecture specific), please met me know by replying 
to the debian-boot list.

Note that after RC2 has been released, it will in principle *no longer be 
possible* to migrate to testing packages that produce udebs if those 
udebs are included in any D-I initrd. I will check with RMs if there's 
anything in the pipeline before starting the build and upload of the 


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