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Re: [sun]install

On Thursday 22 February 2007 19:03, Daniel Smolik wrote:
> You can boot machine over net this is way that I prefer. To OK prompt
> type boot net prepare RARP and tftp server and download image from
> ftp://ftp.debian.cz/pub/debian/dists/sarge/main/installer-sparc/current
>/images/sparc64/netboot/2.6/boot.img If you have Sparc64.

That only helps if you have a second machine which is configured as a tftp 

To boot from CD-ROM, you need to give the command "boot cdrom" at the open 
firmware prompt (open firmware is the Sun equivalent of BIOS).

When you power on the machine, do you get to the open firmware prompt 

If not and you have a Sun keyboard, you can probably get there by 
pressing "Stop-A" (top-left function key on the left of the keyboard + 
the "A" key).

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