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Re: Sun Blade 2000

Hello Frans,

* Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl>, [2007-02-21  7:08 +0100]:
>  On Wednesday 21 February 2007 01:25, Emanuele Rocca wrote:
>  > I've tried using reiserfs for the root partition, but silo doesn't work
>  > with filesystems which are not ext3/ext2/ufs; it would be very cool
>  > IMHO to warn the user about that if he tries to use something different
>  > from ext3/ext2. I know that one should RTFM before installing, but
>  > going through the whole installation just to realize that the machine
>  > won't boot, err, sucks.
>  Please file a BR against silo-installer for that. A patch would be great 
>  too ;-)

Actually it's been already reported (and closed): #286265.

I'll try another installation, it seems that the check didn't work here.


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