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Re: Please test the new kernel (2.6.18.dfsg.1-9)

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007 22:28:12 PST, Jurij Smakov writes:
>This kernel is likely to become the final kernel version for etch, so 
>it is important to give it as much testing as possible at that point.
>If you have a chance, take it for a spin on all machines you have 
>access to, and report the problems, if any.

I installed this on an up-to-date Etch U1 (sun4u), and it boots until it'd 
 like to mount the root-filesystem. Which fails, and if I'm not 
 mistaken, because it hasn't loaded any SCSI-drivers (esp in the case 
 of my U1). So I threw in yaird, which actually loaded scsi_mod, but 
 still no esp, so I had to explicitly set "MODULE esp" in yairds config
 so that it would actually load esp and could go on booting.

But this is probably a bug in mkinitrd/yaird instead of with the 
 kernel-image (though mkinitrd worked ok with 2.6.8-2-sparc64). Anyway 
 it should be fixed (or get a mention in the release notes) before a lot
 of U1 users are surprised.

Otherwise, the 2.6.18 image seems to behave itself so far.

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